Home There are 148 job openings in Portugal but there is no qualified workforce

There are 148 job openings in Portugal but there is no qualified workforce

12 from 2018 from September to 19: 18
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There is a lack of qualified people, technicians and engineers for various work fronts, forcing Portugal to import labor

Incredible as it may seem, entrepreneurs from Portugal are looking for labor from other countries on social networks, including Brazil. Many report that they search job centers, advertisements in the newspaper, internet and other means of communication, but simply cannot supply the necessary demand that their projects need. Here is a list of the main areas lacking professionals in Portugal:

  • 10 thousand in the Textile sector
  • 28 Metallurgy and Metal Mechanics
  • 70 thousand in Construction
  • 40 Hospitality and Restaurants

A phenomenon of young people's lack of interest in working in the country is the cause of this deficit, many go abroad, leaving the domestic market without engineers and technicians who are fundamental to the industry in Portugal.

In the hotel business, the situation is even worse! Experts say that qualifying schools train only 100 people a year, but this number needs to be at least 5 times more. Unions claim that low wages and excessive working hours also contribute to this rejection.

Metallurgists are beginning to take radical measures and open their own professional qualification and training centers to try to overcome this situation. Check out some of the latest opportunities that we report here on the portal as an example:

GES Siemsa Portugal hires maintenance technicians
Metallurgical hiring locksmiths, assemblers and welders
Human Resources invites professionals to work in the Netherlands
Human Resources invites professionals to work in Ports

Watch the video from Jornal RTP de Portugal

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