Home Jeep Compass plug-in flex: The new generation of the hybrid arrives in 2026 with a 1.3 Turbo Flex engine and e-DCT transmission and promises to exterminate Corolla Cross and Volkswagen Taos from the automotive market!

Jeep Compass plug-in flex: The new generation of the hybrid arrives in 2026 with a 1.3 Turbo Flex engine and e-DCT transmission and promises to exterminate Corolla Cross and Volkswagen Taos from the automotive market!

11 June 2024 to 13: 35
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"flex plug-in", "jeep compass", "jeep", and "stellantis"
photo/reproduction: stellarantis

Innovation and sustainability: discover the new Jeep Compass plug-in flex! The SUV synonymous with economy and luxury that promises to annihilate the competition!

Jeep is ready to revolutionize the automotive market Brazilian with the launch of the first Jeep Compass plug-in flex at the end of 2026. This medium SUV promises to combine performance, efficiency and sustainability, bringing the system Bio-Hybrid plug-in hybrid, composed of the engine 1.3 TurboFlex e e-DCT exchange rate. Production will begin in the last quarter of 2026, with a debut scheduled for the beginning of 2027, marking a new chapter in the history of Jeep in Brazil, according to self-secrets.

But what is the plug-in-flex system?

The plug-in flex system, present in the new generation of the Jeep Compass, combines the efficiency of electric motors with the flexibility of combustion engines, allowing the use of ethanol ou gasoline. This plug-in hybrid system offers a sustainable and versatile solution, ideal for different types of driving. Furthermore, plug-in technology allows the vehicle's battery to be recharged at charging stations, increasing electric range and reducing CO2 emissions. Therefore, the Jeep Compass plug-in flex represents a significant advancement in Jeep and Stellantis' commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive sector.

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STLA Medium Platform: cutting-edge technology in the new Jeep Compass

The new generation of Jeep Compass will be the first to use the platform Average STLA in Brazil, an advanced technological base that allows the manufacture of hybrid and electric models. This platform has already debuted in the new generation of Peugeot 3008, with which the new Compass will share many features, including larger dimensions and improved design. Production will be carried out in Goiana (PE), and Brazil will become a global supplier of this innovative model, including for the United States market.

Development and design

The development of the new Jeep Compass, known internally as J4U Project, is already underway. The first prototypes, still in the form of mules, should begin testing at the beginning of 2025. These prototypes will use the new platform with bodies from other models, and only at the beginning of 2026 will they receive the definitive body. Although the exact lines of the new Compass are still unknown, they are expected to follow the design of the brand's most recent launches.

"flex plug-in", "jeep compass", "jeep", and "stellantis"
Projection of what the 2026 Jeep Compass could look like – photo/reproduction: land

Bigger and more technological: the new features of the new Jeep Compass

The new generation of the Jeep Compass will be significantly larger than the current one, measuring 4,54 meters long (13 cm more), 1,89 m wide (8 cm more) and 2,74 m wheelbase ( 11 cm more). The height will also increase compared to the current model's 1,63 m. Furthermore, models built from the STLA-Média platform will have a ground clearance of more than 22 centimeters, ensuring better performance on varied terrain.

Maintenance of the current model

It is interesting to note that the launch of the new Jeep Compass will not mean the end of the current generation. This model will continue on the market, possibly with a new surname to differentiate it from the new generation. In terms of market positioning, the new Compass will be between the current generation and the Jeep Commander, offering an intermediate option for consumers.

Engines and efficiency: the heart of the new Jeep Compass

The highlight of the new Jeep Compass will be its plug-in hybrid system, consisting of the engine 1.3 Turbo Flex and electric motors, one mounted directly on the rear axle to offer all-wheel drive. In addition to the hybrid, the new Compass should be the first 100% electric Jeep sold in Brazil, available in versions with 4x2 or all-wheel drive, depending on the configuration of the electric motors.

High-efficiency electrical architecture

According to official information from Stellantis, the STLA Médio platform uses a 400-volt electrical architecture, which provides excellent energy efficiency, fast recharge times and advanced connectivity for an ever-improving charging and service ecosystem. Consumption can be less than 14 kWh per 100 km, making it one of the most efficient in its category. Owners will be able to take the battery from 20% to 80% charge in just 27 minutes, with a rate of 2,4 kWh per minute.

"flex plug-in", "jeep compass", "jeep", and "stellantis"
photo/reproduction: stellarantis

The new Stellantis plugin-flex

The new Jeep Compass plug-in flex promises to be a revolution in the medium SUV segment, combining advanced technology, sustainability and performance. With production starting in Brazil and an eye on the global market, Jeep once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and quality. We eagerly await the launch of this model, which will undoubtedly set new standards in the automotive market.

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