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MEC offers more than 80 thousand scholarships for undergraduate courses

11 June 2024 to 06: 57
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The scholarships offered by MEC are unique opportunities for students and education professionals working throughout Brazil.
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The scholarships offered by MEC are unique opportunities for students and education professionals working throughout Brazil.

In an initiative that promises to transform education in Brazil, the Ministry of Education (MEC) announced the opening of 80.040 scholarships aimed at students from degree courses. These opportunities were made available through the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) and cover the entire national territory. The central objective of the program is to contribute to the training of future basic education teachers, strengthening teaching and promoting the quality of education in the country.

Registration and details of scholarships offered by MEC

Applications for scholarships will remain open until July 5th.

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Interested parties must register through the Capes Integrated System (Sicapes).

The selection results will be announced on September 17th, and successful candidates must begin their activities by December 13th.

A bag offered to students is R$700 per month, for a period of up to 60 months.

For supervisors, the value of the scholarship is R$1.100. For coordinators, the amount reaches R$2.000 and R$2.100 for those in the area and institutional.

Areas covered by scholarships

Scholarships are aimed at a wide variety of areas of knowledge.

Among the subjects included are: interdisciplinary degrees, literacy, special education, philosophy, arts, history, visual arts, geography, biology, physics, agricultural sciences, indigenous education, natural sciences, physical education, social sciences, mathematics, computing, pedagogy, dance, chemistry, bilingual education for the deaf, theater, rural education, letters (Spanish, English, Brazilian sign language — Libras, Portuguese), quilombola education and music.

Regional distribution of grants

The distribution of scholarships in Brazil It was carried out strategically, aiming to meet the specific needs of each region.

The Northeast, for example, will receive 20.688 scholarships, while the Southeast will have 16.584.

In the South region there will be 12.264 scholarships, the North will have 8.040 and the Central-West will have 7.440 scholarships.

In addition, 10.008 grants were reserved for literacy subprojects and 5.016 grants for Pibid Equity, which includes bilingual education courses for the deaf, indigenous education, rural education, quilombola education and inclusive special education.

Impact and importance of the program offered by MEC

This MEC initiative is seen as a fundamental step towards improving basic education in Brazil.

by offering scholarships For future teachers, the government seeks not only to train qualified professionals, but also to encourage continuity and innovation in teaching.

Basic education is the basis of the entire educational structure, and investing in teacher training is investing in the country's future.

The training of qualified teachers is essential for the development of quality education.

Professionals trained through this program will have the opportunity to contribute significantly to teaching in their respective areas, bringing knowledge and innovation to classrooms across Brazil.

How to apply?

To participate in the program, candidates must access the Capes Integrated System (Sicapes) and follow the instructions for registration.

Click here To sign up.

It is important to pay attention to deadlines and ensure that all necessary documents are submitted correctly.

The selection of candidates will be rigorous, considering the academic merit and relevance of the projects presented.

The MEC scholarship program, through Capes, represents a unique opportunity for undergraduate students across Brazil.

With the opening of 80.040 scholarships, the government reinforces its commitment to education and training of qualified professionals.

This action will not only benefit the students covered, but will also have a positive impact on the quality of basic education, promoting a more promising future for the country.

Interested parties should take advantage of this opportunity and register as soon as possible to ensure their participation in the selection process.

With this initiative, the MEC demonstrates its commitment to building a fairer, more inclusive and quality educational system for all Brazilians.

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