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New Honda motorcycle arrives for R$4 and covers 66 km per liter, displacing POP's reign in 2024

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 28/06/2024 às 00:48
Honda's new motorcycle arrives for R$4 and covers 66 km per LITER to overthrow POP's reign
Photo: Disclosure/Honda

Honda has just launched its new motorcycle that promises to go head to head with the POP. Honda's cheap motorcycle is economical and delivers great performance with an attractive price of 4.000.

The new motorcycle Honda, called Dax 125, is the Japanese automaker's latest offering that delivers 66 km per liter. Costing around 4 thousand, Honda's cheap motorcycle arrives on the market to displace the Pop. The model was presented in the European market and, according to media data, there, the launch price is in 4.290 euros.

Honda motorcycle is nicknamed “Sausage”

Also known for prefix ST 125, Honda's cheap motorcycle features the same tiny base seen on the Honda Grom or MSX 125, depending on the country, it is the type of motorcycle that fits into the Monkey concept, the automaker's famous line.

Due to its shape, which resembles that of a small dog, it is associated with dogs of the breed “dachsund”, popularly known as “salsichinha” in Brazill. With a tiny chassis and 12-inch wheels, the Dax may even look like a toy, but don't be fooled. It's a real motorcycle and needs to be registered and even requires the driver's license.

In this new generation, the model received Honda's current 125 horsepower engine, already seen in the MSX 125 and other models. Its package has an unconventional set and includes an inverted fork at the front, measuring 31 mm in diameter. The base is the 124 cc single-cylinder engine, which can deliver up to 9,4 horsepower and 10,8 Nm at 5 rpm.

New Honda motorcycle is inspired by a classic model from the 60s

The model has a 4-speed rotary gearbox, similar to that of the Pop and Biz. With just 107 kg of total weight, Honda's cheap motorcycle has a consumption of up to 66,7 km/l, according to information from the Japanese automaker. Its tank is 3,8 liters, very small, however, it still has an estimated range of 250 km. 

For 2024, this model gains a Glittering Pearl Blue tone, which joins the Nebula Pearl Red and Cadet Pearl Gray, which has remained the same since last year. With its characteristic pressed steel frame and T-shape, no other motorcycle, big or small, has the same shape as the Honda Dax, something quite unusual.

The Dax was previously sold by Honda between 1969 and 2003, when it was discontinued. Although the Dax is an attractive model, the chances of it coming to Brazil are small, even the MSX 125, with a more modern look, never reached the Brazilian market.

Honda launches new motorcycle for R$7

This year, the Honda introduced a new motorcycle model to the Indian market with a unique proposalica, with a focus on attracting a greater number of customers. The highlight of the bike, called SP160, is its extended warranty of up to 10 years, a notable difference in the sector.

This model, with its 160 displacements, is similar to the CG160, popular in the Brazilian market, however, it is distinguished by its more modern lines and a series of additional features, promising to be a great option for enthusiasts.

According to data from the automaker, Honda's new motorcycle has an LED headlight and flashlight, ABS brakes and a digital panel, among other advantages that are worth checking out. The SP 160 is equipped with a 162,7 cm³ single-cylinder engine working in conjunction with a 5-speed gearbox, delivering a configuration similar to that of the CG 160. The model delivers 13,2 horsepower at 7.500 rpm and 1,48 kgfm of torque at 5.500 revolutions.

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