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New Toyota is hybrid in 2024: the rebirth of the icon in the form of an SUV coupé

Written by Bruno Teles
Published 17/02/2024 às 21:06
Toyota C-HR is hybrid in 2024 the rebirth of the icon in the form of an SUV coupé
Photo: Disclosure/Toyota C-HR 2024

Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2024 redefines mobility with sustainable luxury and optimized consumption

In the era where bold design meets sustainability, Toyota makes history again with the launch of the 2024 C-HR Hybrid. It's not just a car, it's a statement of style, efficiency and innovation, packaged in a hybrid SUV coupé that redefines the concept of consumption.

At first glance, the new generation of the Toyota C-HR 2024 captivates. Inheriting and refining the distinctive lines of its predecessor, this model brings the promise of a greener future without sacrificing aesthetics. With a silhouette that combines the robustness of an SUV with the elegance of a coupé, the C-HR 2024 attracts attention wherever it goes, especially with its innovative retractable rear, designed to cut through the air more efficiently.

design and engine of the new Toyota C-HR 2024

Under the hood, the C-HR 2024 promises not only to reduce the ecological footprint but also fuel costs. The 100 full Hybrid option, the heart of the range, offers an ideal balance between power and sustainability. With a 98-horsepower gasoline engine backed by a 95-horsepower electric motor, this SUV is not only environmentally friendly but also provides a smooth, responsive ride.

What about efficiency? During a test drive, the C-HR 2024 demonstrated its impressive capacity of doing more with less, recording a consumption of just 5,3 l/100 km. This means that, in addition to contributing to a cleaner planet, the C-HR 2024 promises to be kind to your wallet in the long run.

technology and comfort

Inside, the C-HR 2024 surprises with a cabin that is both a space of comfort and a technological command center. A dashboard with ambient lighting options in up to 64 colors not only creates a welcoming atmosphere but also responds to the environment and driving conditions, taking the driving experience to new heights.

Price of the new Toyota C-HR 2024

With a starting price of €35.700 for the 100 full Hybrid version, the Toyota C-HR 2024 positions itself as a smart investment for those looking not just for a car, but for a piece of the future. Available in several configurations, including the powerful 2000 full Hybrid version and the innovative plugin option, the C-HR 2024 is a vehicle adapted to meet the needs and desires of the modern driver.

The 2024 Toyota C-HR Hybrid is a manifesto on wheels, proving that it is possible to combine stunning design, robust performance and unprecedented efficiency. With this launch, Toyota not only sets a new standard for hybrid SUVs but also invites us to imagine a future where mobility is greener, more stylish and smarter. And, if the future is now, the 2024 Toyota C-HR is ready to lead the way.

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