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The mysteries of the 18 most incredible ghost ships ever found in the oceans

Written by Bruno Teles
Published 22/05/2024 às 17:18
The mysteries of the 18 most incredible ghost ships ever found in the oceans
Photo: Global Construction/Disclosure

Discover the stories of 18 ghost ships found adrift in the oceans, without a crew and under mysterious circumstances. These maritime mysteries continue to intrigue marine experts and enthusiasts.

The oceans hide many secrets, and among the most intriguing are ghost ships. These ships were found adrift, without a crew and under mysterious circumstances. Let's explore the history of 18 incredible ghost ships that defy logic and continue to intrigue experts and the curious.

In waters around the world, there are stories of ships that have been abandoned without explanation. Some of them have become legends, like the SAM RATULANGI PB 1600, which washed up on the shores of Myanmar in 2018 after disappearing for almost a decade. At 177 meters long, it was found empty and stranded, leaving authorities perplexed.

18 incredible ghost ships found in the middle of the sea

Another example is the Jian Seng, an 80-meter-long oil tanker that appeared in Australia in 2006. Without a crew or identification, the ship was carrying large quantities of rice, increasing the mystery about its origin.

O Bel Amica, an elegant sailboat, was found adrift near Italy. With signs of recent activity, such as maps of the Mediterranean and half-eaten food, the ship did not reveal the fate of its crew, further fueling theories about its abandonment.

In Lake Michigan, a supernatural phenomenon occurred in 2016 when a huge ship-shaped specter was captured on video, leading many to believe in a ghost ship or celestial omen.

The Ryou Un-Maru, a Japanese fishing boat, wandered the Pacific after the 2011 tsunami, until it was spotted off the coast of Alaska in 2012. In poor condition, it was finally sunk by authorities to avoid risks to navigation.

The schooner Octavius ​​is a legend that tells of a ship that was trapped in the Arctic for 14 years, found with the crew frozen in their cabins. His story continues to fascinate and disturb.

In 2011, the MV Rena collided with a reef in New Zealand, causing an environmental disaster and sinking, leaving a trail of destruction and mystery.

The Mary Celeste, found adrift in 1872, with cargo intact and no sign of its crew, is perhaps the most famous ghost ship. Her story generates speculation about pirates or supernatural forces.

These are just some of the stories from the 18 incredible ghost ships. Each with their own mysteries and unsolved secrets. The vastness of the oceans continues to hold these dark stories, reminding us of our smallness in the face of the immensity of the sea.

The ghost ships fascinate us with its mysteries and unresolved stories. Each discovery is a reminder of the vastness of the ocean and the enigmas it hides. We continue to explore and discover, always intrigued by what we might find in the depths.

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