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Petrobras has investments in internal startups aimed at gaining value and leveraging the results of the state-owned company

Written by Fabio Lucas
Published 30/09/2021 às 23:51
Petrobras, investments, program, Startups
Photo: Agência Brasil

Petrobras continues to invest in internal startup projects with a view to gaining value in the coming years

Petrobras has been investing in recent years in the Internal Startups program, which intends to enable innovations that were designed by the state-owned company's own employees to generate value, maximizing results and reducing company costs. state  

The current edition of the program is focused on financial gains, with 88 internal teams that registered their proposals, but only 12 of them were selected in this stage of the program. The selected proposals had in common the ability to generate value for Petrobras. This step is made up of drawings and experiments to prove your viability.  

Petrobras, Startups, investments, value, program
Rio de Janeiro – Petrobras headquarters building in downtown Rio. (Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil)

Petrobras used, as one of the main criteria for choosing projects, how much that particular innovation project can generate in value for the company in the following years. Values ​​ranged from R$ 50 million to more than R$ 3 billion. 

"The program stimulates intrapreneurship and reveals internal talents that think 'outside the box', exercising the concept of 'business owner', which makes me very proud as leader of this great team”, declared Nicolás Simone, Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Petrobras. 

Petrobras provides all the necessary support

The selected projects receive a wide range of support to turn them into reality, such as financial and technological support, in addition to mentoring with trained professionals to turn them into reality: “The internal startups program is responsible for engaging employees, accelerating the culture of innovation within the company”, concludes Nicolás. 

Petrobras had already invested in previous programs. The state-owned company's investment has already resulted in 22 internal startups, which are now in the acceleration stage. A total of 9 solutions that can be applied to the business have already been created.  

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