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Queiroz Galvão starts the Holiday Internship program

8 October 2018 to 09: 09
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Queiroz Galvão internship vacancies

Queiroz Galvão starts enrollment for the Vacation Internship, which will offer 10 vacancies in its projects, for Civil Engineering students.

Construtora Queiroz Galvão Brasil begins registration for the Vacation Internship, which will offer vacancies in our developments, for students of the Civil Engineering course. The Vacation Internship is seen as one of the gateways, as young people will be evaluated for future hiring, in case of availability of vacancies or interest from the company. The program will complement academic learning with practical activities, always with the support and guidance of the development teams.


* Higher education in Civil Engineering (attended), enrolled from the 7th period and availability to do an internship. It will be 30 days between January and February 2019 with
30 hours a week, young people from any city in Brazil can apply. Find out what the elimination steps are:

  • Registration: October 04th to 24th
  • Online Tests (Portuguese and logical reasoning): October 26th to 30th
  • Video (personal presentation): November 01st to 05th
  • Press conference: November 12th to 23rd
  • Announcement of Results: until November 30
  • Admission process (contract, documentation and medical examination): from December 01st

Scholarship compatible with the market, Life insurance, shared accommodation, hotel or inn, complete meals, daily transport, round-trip transport from the city of origin to the enterprise. Interested and within the requirements requested above, enter the company's application page by clicking here.

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