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FPSO Marechal Duque de Caxias arrives in Brazil and will boost oil production in the 3rd largest exploratory field, Campo de Mero

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 29/05/2024 às 20:29
Petrobras, oil, FPSO, Campo de Mero
Photo: reproduction Petrobras Agency

Petrobras production unit promises to revolutionize Brazil's third largest oil field with advanced technology and massive production capacity

Petrobras celebrates a significant milestone with the arrival of floating production vessel, storage and offloading (FPSO) Marechal Duque de Caxias to Brazilian waters. Originating from the Yantai shipyard in China, the FPSO began its journey in February and, after a brief stopover in Mauritius for crew change and cargo movement, reached the Brazilian coast. Destined for the Mero field, in the Santos Basin, the FPSO will contribute to the substantial increase in Petrobras' production capacity.

Final preparations for start of operations

Following the naming ceremony in January 2024, the FPSO Marechal Duque de Caxias began its long trip to Brazil. Before entering into operation, the vessel will undergo rigorous commissioning procedures and final testing of production equipment. The Mero field, where the FPSO will be deployed, is part of the Libra production sharing contract, operated by Petrobras in partnership with Shell Brasil, TotalEnergies, CNPC, CNOOC and Pré-Sal Petróleo SA (PPSA).

Photo: Petrobras Agency

Capacity and impact on production

with capacity for produce up to 180 thousand barrels of oil per day and compress up to 12 million cubic meters of gas, the FPSO Marechal Duque de Caxias is an integral part of the third definitive Mero production system, known as Mero-3. This system will increase the capacity installed field production to an impressive 590 thousand barrels of oil per day.

The Mero field, the third largest in Brazil after Tupi and Búzios, has already It has three FPSOs in operation: Pioneiro de Libra, Guanabara and Sepetiba. Additional development phases, Mero-3 and Mero-4, each with a capacity of 180 barrels per day, are expected to begin operations in 2025.

High-tech underwater infrastructure

The FPSO Marechal Duque de Caxias will be connected to 15 wells, including eight oil producers and seven water and gas injectors. The associated subsea infrastructure comprises 80 km of rigid production and injection pipelines, 47 km of flexible service pipelines and 44 km of control umbilicals, ensuring efficient and continuous operation.

Evamar José dos Santos, Director of Contract Management at PPSA, highlighted the importance of the Mero field for Union oil production. “Last year, Mero was the main oil producer in the Union, producing 11,1 of the 17 million barrels to which the Union was entitled. With the arrival of another unit, the Union’s production grows, which translates into more benefits for society.”

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