Home Mazda Rotary Engine: 2,6 liters and 930 HP. So good that he was withdrawn from Le Mans after becoming champion

Mazda Rotary Engine: 2,6 liters and 930 HP. So good that he was withdrawn from Le Mans after becoming champion

3 April 2024 17 gies: 34
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With just 2,6 liters, it could produce up to 930 hp at 10.500 rpm; however, Mazda engineers limited it to 700 hp at 9.000

With just 2,6 liters, the rotary engine could produce up to 930 hp at 10.500 rpm; however, Mazda engineers limited it to 700 hp

The automobile world is full of innovations and fascinating stories, but few are as intriguing as the Mazda rotary engine. This engine not only set a milestone in automotive engineering, it also caused quite a stir on the race tracks, most notably at Le Mans.

In this article, we'll delve into the unique characteristics that made the rotary engine a legend, explore its journey into competition, and discuss the reasons why it ended up being retired from motorsport's most prestigious tracks.

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A Mazda Innovation: The Rotary Engine

O rotary engine, also known as Wankel engine, named after its inventor, Felix Wankel, is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering. Its main feature is its compact and lightweight design, which Provides an enviable power-to-weight ratio compared to traditional piston engines. Mazda, one of the few manufacturers to adopt this technology, refined the rotary engine to such an extent that it became synonymous with the brand.

Exceptional Performance on the Track

O The rotary engine's moment of glory on the world stage occurred in 1991, when the Mazda 787B, equipped with this innovation, crossed the finish line in first place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This feat was not just a victory for the team; it was an impressive demonstration of the efficiency and performance of the rotary engine. The victory at Le Mans highlighted the unique advantages of this type of engine, including its ability to produce large amounts of power from an extremely compact package.

O The Mazda 26B's R787B rotary engine had 4 rotors and was naturally aspirated. With just 2,6 liters, it could produce up to 930 hp at 10.500 rpm; however, Mazda engineers limited it to 700 hp at 9.000 rpm to improve reliability, something very important in endurance racing.

Why was he banned from Le Mans?

Despite its success, the rotary engine faced several challenges, especially with regard to racing regulations. After the victory at Le Mans, the FIA ​​changed the rules, which indirectly led to the exclusion of rotary engines from future competitions. These regulatory changes were in part due to the difficulty in classifying and balancing rotary engine performance relative to piston engines, as well as environmental concerns related to fuel efficiency and emissions.

Legacy and Future of the Rotary Engine

O Mazda rotary engine legacy is indestructible in the automotive world. Although its presence on the racetrack has been cut short, the technological and cultural impact remains. Currently, the Mazda continues to explore the potential of the rotary engine, not only as a power generator for electric vehicles, but also investigating ways to overcome the environmental challenges associated with this technology

O Mazda rotary engine is a testament to innovation and the relentless pursuit of exceptional performance. Despite the challenges and controversial regulatory decisions that limited its presence in prestigious competitions such as Le Mans, The legacy of the rotary engine lives on. The story of the Mazda rotary engine is a testament to the human spirit of innovation and perseverance, showing that even in the face of adversity, a passion for engineering excellence can create historic milestones unforgettable.

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Mauricio Kussaba
Mauricio Kussaba
April 4, 2024 20:15 PM
Incomplete report. If this engine is so innovative, why doesn't Mazda use it in regular cars? Mazda brand ones?
Answer to  Mauricio Kussaba
April 5, 2024 12:08 PM
They use this engine, it is famous in the RX7 among other models.
Francisco Oliveira
Francisco Oliveira
April 5, 2024 16:06 PM
This matter could be compared to following the preparation of a food that is known to be delicious and not being able to taste it. What environmental problems? Why not get around them? A sensational call for a very poor conclusion.
Valdir Goncalves
Valdir Goncalves
April 5, 2024 18:02 PM
He finished? Just that? You have to study more to finish the report!!
April 6, 2024 12:12 PM
Zero for the writing. Talk, talk, talk, and say nothing. My 8-year-old son can start and end a story more logically. Why is the engine amazing? What was the technological innovation? What sets it apart from other piston engines? Why did you have environmental problems?? Zerooooo
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