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Ram's new pickup truck is displacing all brands: Rampage reaches an incredible 6.147 registrations in Brazil with an affordable price

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 28/12/2023 às 22:53
Truck, Ram, automotive
Photo: Reproduction Garagem 360

Remarkable success: The number of registrations puts the Ram truck at the top of the automotive scene

According to the Garagem 360 website, the year 2023 marked the triumphant emergence of Ram's “affordable” pickup truck, the Rampage, which not only won the hearts of car drivers, but also threatens to redefine the pickup truck landscape on the market. With impressive numbers of registrations, especially in the last two months, Rampage demonstrates significant potential to displace established leaders in the segment automotive.

The rampage phenomenon: Details of license plates and growing popularity

The Rampage is not just gaining ground, it is carving out a solid space in the pickup truck automotive market. According to data from Fenabrave, in the months of October and November, this Ram truck accumulated a surprising 5.568 registrations. With a notable rise, it jumped to fifth place in November, accumulating a total of 6.147 vehicle registrations carros yet. These growing numbers point to the possible rise of Rampage as the new leader in the automotive segment, surpassing popular models such as Ranger, Hilux and Frontier.

The Ram revolution: Why the 'affordable' truck is stealing the show

What makes Rampage so special? In addition to its impressive sales performance, the “affordable” consideration is not in vain. With a starting price of R$239.990 for the 2024 line, the Rampage offers a more economical alternative compared to other models in the automotive segment. Equipped with a engine 2.0 Hurricane 4 Turbo 16V gasoline engine, 9-speed automatic transmission and 272 hp, the top-of-the-line R/T 2024 version promises an exceptional driving experience.

Truck, Ram, automotive
Photo: Reproduction Autos Segredos

Innovation beyond expectations – Ram Rampage, the truck of the future

In addition to its sales success and the promise of leadership in the segment, Ram's Rampage also surprises with a technological revolution. By announcing the use of ChatGPT in customer service, Ram demonstrates its commitment to innovation, offering consumers a unique experience. A truck “Affordable” is not just a vehicle; It is a proposal for change in the Brazilian automotive panorama, defying expectations and defining new standards. Get ready to witness the evolution of pickup trucks with Rampage, a true leader on the rise.

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