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New energy market technology allows windows to turn sunlight into sustainable energy

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 31/10/2022 às 18:40
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With this new technology, the windows will capture solar energy without blocking the passage of light into the rooms of the house.

In today's world, technology is very present everywhere and in different segments, which makes people's daily lives easier. As in every area the technology is present, would not be different in the sustainable energy sector, since the evolution of forms of energy is also notorious. The novelty of the time is a transparent solar panel on the windows that transforms sunlight into electrical energy.

As is already known, the solar panels that currently exist are those large, dark plates that block the entry of light and disturb the appearance of the environment. However, now, that will change with this new transparent solar panel.

the window solar panel

The technology was discovered by Michigan State University which produced it to be able to capture solar energy without blocking the passage of light into the house. This innovative creation can capture sunlight if applied to the windows of buildings.

In addition, consumers can also expect an application in electric cars, for example. In this way, capturing energy without necessarily using a plate like the ones we know today. So this is much more practical than it is today.

Accordingly, this technology can absorb the energy even light we cannot see, such as infrared and ultraviolet waves. However, despite everything, we still cannot confirm the application of this technology, as it is still a project.

First step towards sustainable energy

Solar energy is one of the only ones that do not harm the environment, despite all the materials used to create it. With that, it is clear that this is the first step towards the practical application of clean energy in the Brazilian energy matrix.

More about solar energy: At a cost of BRL 200 million, a new plant for generating solar energy could earn more than BRL 3 billion per year in Paraná

The Tangipar Group expects to earn, before the end of 2022, around 3 billion reais with the new power plant solar energy in Paraná. The plant, which will be inaugurated this Friday, in Cascavel, in the west of Paraná, had an investment of R$ 200 million.

Among the guests at the inauguration ceremony of the plant are the Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes and Anatalicio Risden Junior, general director of Itaipu Internacional, on the Brazilian side.

The new solar power plant will have an installed capacity of 500 MW of power to supply direct to consumers. The group comprises 15 companies focused on the solar generation sector.

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