Home Petrobras is betting big on the Oil Fair, aiming for the future

Petrobras is betting big on the Oil Fair, aiming for the future

24 from 2018 from September to 00: 38
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Petrobras is betting big on the Oil Fair, aiming for the future

Petrobras sees the 19th edition of Rio Oil & Gas as a great business opportunity for the future of national oil

One of the largest oil fairs in the world is taking place in Brazil, the 19th edition of Rio Oil & Gas, which promises to present many innovations in the O&G market. With the title “Energy to transform”, the fair brings the certainty of new business and the possibility of presenting everything that Brazil can offer to those thinking of investing in the country. This is the thinking of Petrobras, which sees the fair as an opportunity to bring new contracts and partnerships to Brazil to boost the economy.

Petrobras will use its stand to present various simulations of activities in the fields yet to be sold. The central idea is to show investors Brazil's capacity to produce millions of barrels of crude oil in a few days. Several presentations will be made, such as the concept of low carbon, oil digitization, the return of wells that have already produced at high capacity and one of the most awaited subjects, Petrobras' Offshore Wind.

Another very important point that the State-owned company will talk about will be about safety in operations, logistics and administration. One of the criticisms from customers is the issue of logistics, which almost always has values ​​above expectations, causing losses. Petrobras will also focus on operations, citing the volumes of work and business that could happen if more companies invest in Brazilian oil. Within the subject of operations, the State-owned company will present the new investments in onshore fields, which have not been invested in Brazil for a long time. We will be following the activities of the fair and posting all the news on the website.

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