Home Petrobras publishes the list of platforms that are arriving from 2018 finally!

Petrobras publishes the list of platforms that are arriving from 2018 finally!

December 18 from 2017 to 06: 58
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Petrobras publishes the list of platforms that are arriving from 2018 finally!

There are 17 FPSO's that will be part of the national front. Many direct and indirect vacancies in the sector will start to emerge from next year.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]If you still have any doubts about the new phase of Petrobras after your business plans in Brazil, the time to solve them is now. Surprisingly, the complete schedule of all the production units that will start to arrive from 2018 onwards to produce the pre/post-salt fields in our territory was released.

There will be no more, no less than 17 offshore production units already confirmed to be installed here by 2021, some are already in the shipyard waiting for release to leave, others waiting for integration, there are also FPSO's waiting for the completion of the hulls/modules and the The rest are already up for auction. Bearing in mind that there is a possibility that some of these will be built in national shipyards, as you can see in the article in which Petrobras declares this publicly. The units that are arriving are the following:

  • Campos do Goytacazes – Intended for the Tartaruga Verde Field operated by Modec
  • P-67 – Intended for the Lula North Field operated by Petrobras
  • P-68 – Intended for the Berbigão Field operated by Petrobras
  • P-69 – Intended for Lula Ext Field. S operated by Petrobras
  • P-74 – Intended for Campo Búzios I operated by Petrobras
  • P-75 – Intended for Campo Búzios II operated by Petrobras
  • P-76 – Destined for Campo Búzios III operated by Petrobras
  • P-77 – Intended for Campo Búzios IV operated by Petrobras
  • P-70 – Intended for the Atapu I Field operated by Petrobras
  • Sépia – Intended for the Sépia Field operated by Modec
  • Búzios V – Intended for Campo Búzios in bidding
  • Libra I – Intended for the Libra Field in bidding
  • Libra II – Intended for the Libra Field to be auctioned
  • Itaipu – Intended for the Itaipu Field to be auctioned
  • Parque das Baleias – Intended for the Campo Porque das Baleias to be auctioned
  • Marlim I – Intended for the Marlim Field to be auctioned
  • Marlim II – Intended for the Marlim Field to be auctioned

Video: P-69 at Brasfels almost ready!

Remembering that the units mentioned above are only for production, there are still more bids for the modernization of 39 platforms in the Campos Basin publicly announced in the main national and international communication vehicles. See the Band News special report here talking about these 39 units that will soon generate jobs. As many of these FPSO's will be chartered by Petrobras, this explains why state will open another public tender in 2018, so access here soon and get your study materials as soon as possible. To consult the detailed table of these units, access here.

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