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Emerging professions and valued skills in the Industry 4.0 era

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Published 29/12/2023 às 20:12
Industry 4.0
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Transformation of the job market with technological advances

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, brings with it a wave of technological innovations, reshaping the job market landscape. Jorge Cruz, IT director at Adecco, one of the Adecco Group's main companies in HR solutions, emphasizes the importance of adapting to the digital era, where efficiency and productivity of industrial processes are intrinsically linked to technology.

New professions driven by Industry 4.0

The integration of technologies such as automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence is generating demand for new professional profiles. A SENAI study projects that several sectors, such as automotive, technology and food, will see significant growth in new professions. In the automotive sector, for example, positions such as hybrid vehicle mechanic and electronic control unit programmer will emerge.

In the technology sector, roles such as cybersecurity engineer and big data specialist are among the most promising. “We are entering an era that demands professionals with skills to deal with connectivity, digital security and large-scale data analysis”, highlights Cruz.

Within the food sector, innovations in software and alcochemical production are boosting professions such as food printing technician and ICT specialist for food traceability. The construction, chemical, textile and oil and gas industries are also anticipating the creation of new functions.

The importance of continuous training

With the current industry scenario, the need for skills in emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, is increasingly evident. These skills range from cybersecurity to programming and data analysis. Cruz highlights the importance of continuous learning to maintain competitiveness in this “new world”, full of innovative professions, many of which require specific training.

According to Cruz, Adecco has already identified some trends for the IT area next year. Professions such as information security director and machine learning architect are aligned with the rise of Industry 4.0, promising high salaries. “2024 promises to reveal even more paths, but without a doubt we are already living in a more technological moment and we need prepared professionals”, concludes Cruz.

Adecco Group: leader in human resources

Adecco, the world leader in Human Resources, operates with a vast global presence, offering jobs to hundreds of thousands of people and providing services to more than 100 companies. With a strong presence in Latin America, Adecco has a robust team and an extensive database. With brands such as Pontoon Solutions and LHH, the Adecco Group stands out on the Fortune Global 500 list and on the Zurich Stock Exchange, committed to the continuous development of innovative and effective HR solutions for its clients.

In this context of digital transformation, the new professions and emerging skills highlighted by Cruz and Adecco reflect the evolutionary dynamics of Industry 4.0, indicating a future of work where adaptability and continuous training will be key to professional success.

Source: Isabela Nunes – Press Advisor.

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