Home Scania announces new job vacancies; Opportunities for mechanical maintenance technician, security guard, maintenance technician and more

Scania announces new job vacancies; Opportunities for mechanical maintenance technician, security guard, maintenance technician and more

14 May 2024 to 17: 55
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Scania announces new job vacancies; Opportunities for mechanical maintenance technician, security guard, maintenance technician and more
Photo: Scania/Disclosure

Vacancies announced in May: Opportunities range from technical to executive positions, reinforcing the company's commitment to innovation and sustainable growth, see how to apply at Scania Latin America.

Scania Latin America, a recognized leader in the transport and logistics sector, is expanding its team in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, with the opening of several job vacancies. The company seeks to reinforce its team with qualified professionals in various technical and administrative areas, offering fixed 12-month contracts, extendable for another 12 months. This job advertisement highlights Scania's commitment to excellence and innovation, in line with its objective of promoting a working environment that values diversity and collaboration.

Available opportunities are for positions that include Mechanical Maintenance Technician in various specialties, Service Technician, as well as administrative positions such as Executive Advisor to the Presidency and Manager of the Health Management Group. These positions are essential for supporting and expanding the operations of the Scania, reflecting the company's culture of continuous innovation and professional development.

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Scania employees enjoy a collaborative work environment that promotes the exchange of ideas and continuous learning. The company is dedicated to making positive impacts not only on its business, but also on the environment and society as a whole. Working at Scania also offers competitive benefits and opportunities for personal and professional development, aligned with its values ​​of sustainability and social responsibility.

Job vacancies at Scania Latin America

  • Mechanical Maintenance Technician – Cabs (07-05)
  • Security guard (announced 18 hours ago)
  • Mechatronics Maintenance Technician – Chassis (11-05)
  • Mechatronics Maintenance Technician – Engines (13-05)
  • Mechanical Maintenance Technician – Transmission (07-05)
  • Service Technician – Planner (07-05)
  • Executive Advisor to the Presidency (11-05)
  • Mechatronics Maintenance Technician – Transmission (07-05)
  • Health Management Group Manager (07-05)
  • Internship Program – Logistics Service (10-05)
  • Senior Market Intelligence Analyst (13-05)

For more information about these and other opportunities, visit the link below.

How to Apply

To apply for job vacancies at Scania Latin America, interested parties must access THIS LINK. It is recommended to select the vacancy of interest, carefully read the requirements and submit an updated CV through the system. Personalizing your resume by highlighting skills and experiences relevant to the desired position can increase your chances of success in the selection process.

Employee Salaries

Based on Glassdoor, at Scania Latin America, employee salaries are structured to reflect the importance of each role within the company, ensuring competitiveness and equity. Interns, for example, receive a salary of approximately R$2, while assembly technicians have salaries that vary between R$3 and R$9. Junior and full-time analysts can expect to earn between R$5 and R$9, respectively. In positions of greater responsibility, such as group managers, salaries can reach R$13 thousand to R$17 thousand. This salary policy reflects Scania's commitment to valuing its employees and recognizing their contributions to the company's ongoing success.

About Scania Latin America

Scania Latin America is part of the Scania group, a leading company in the production of trucks, buses and transport services. Established in São Bernardo do Campo since 1957, the plant is the only one outside the headquarters in Sweden that produces the complete product, serving not only the Brazilian market but also Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

With more than 5 thousand employees, Scania Latin America is dedicated to manufacturing and offering services that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation. The company is a pioneer in implementing sustainable practices in automotive industry, being the first commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world to establish science-based climate targets approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

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