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Solar power plant with 628 photovoltaic panels will be implemented in Uberlândia – MG

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 31/05/2021 às 13:27
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The plant should be ready in September this year — Photo: Uberlândia City Hall/Disclosure

Solar Power started installing the solar power plant in Uberlândia (MG) last week. The plant has 628 photovoltaic panels and promises to generate new jobs, income and a great improvement in the municipality's economy.

Last week, the installation of a solar power plant in Parque do Sabiá, in the municipality of Uberlândia (MG) began. A total of 628 photovoltaic panels will be installed in the park, generating energy for around 360 homes per year.

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Discover the solar power plant in Uberlândia (MG)

The solar energy plant will be located next to the Deputado João Bittar Júnior Water Park and, in addition to the residences, the plant with several photovoltaic panels will supply energy to the complex, leisure park, stadium and Arena Sabiazinho.

The plant, in addition to benefiting the environment, will bring great savings to the state of MG. Thus, the 628 photovoltaic panels of 395 W will generate more than 240 kilowatts of power and per year, an average of 390 megawatts of energy.

In addition, another extremely relevant economy in the municipality of Uberlândia (MG) will be related to electricity bills. According to data, until the third year of energy generation through the solar power plant, around R$ 300 will be saved per year.

Words from the mayor of Uberlândia about the solar energy project

According to Odelmo Leão, mayor of Uberlândia, this is yet another innovative project in the field of solar energy that promises to bring enormous improvements to Uberlândia (MG) in several ways. “In addition to having a plant with photovoltaic panels that generate clean energy, we will be responsible for our own energy production”, highlighted the mayor.

The improvement also has the benefit known as payback. Since the solar power plant pays for itself with the energy generated, it brings savings to the final consumer. The company responsible for installing the plant with hundreds of photovoltaic panels will be Solar Power. The total investment for the installation of the solar energy plant will be almost R$ 900 thousand and, to supervise the project, the Government, Communication, Environment and Urban Services departments were responsible.

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