Home Has Concorde become outdated? SR-72 hypersonic plane is coming to redefine everything with 7.350 km/h!

Has Concorde become outdated? SR-72 hypersonic plane is coming to redefine everything with 7.350 km/h!

2 April 2024 19 gies: 35
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SR-72 supersonic plane
Forum: Blackird- SR 72

New plane hypersonic SR-72 arrives soon to replace the SR-71 Blackird. The model's creators claim that the aircraft is capable of reaching Mach 6.

A Lockheed Martin, a manufacturer of aerospace products and the world's leading producer of military equipment, announced the development more than 10 years ago of the successor to the SR-71, supersonic plane known as Blackbird. This was the fastest plane in the world and had the ability to reach speeds three times greater than that of sound, and the plane hypersonic SR-72 should have even more impressive features. The plane project hypersonic SR-72 is under the responsibility of the Skunk Works, advanced development program.

Lockheed calls the SR-72 a game-changer. It will be an unmanned hypersonic spacecraft and the model should be able to reach a speed of Mach 6, the equivalent of 7.350 km/h. This time, the objective is not just for the ship to be a spy, but for it to also be able to reach targets. Experts say the jet could reach anywhere in the world in just one hour. 

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Avia hypersonic SR-72 can reach 7.350 km/h

It is believed that the plane hypersonic SR-72 is one of the greatest successors to the SR-71 Blackbird, which set records in 1974 as the fastest manned aircraft and was retired from the US Air Force in 1998. The SR-72 is considered unmanned, hypersonic and reusable. Its main functions will likely be intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

The SR-72 is also expected to use Lockheed Martin's new High Speed ​​Strike Weapon (HSSW), improving its strike capability. The aircraft's combat capabilities make it ideal for attacking targets in dangerous environments where the use of manned aircraft would be too slow or too risky. O new weapons system will be capable of launching hypersonic weapons more agilely.

SR-72 hypersonic plane expected to enter into operation in 2030

The airplane hypersonic SR-72 will look similar to its predecessor, the SR-71 Blackbird, and will be 30 meters long. The aircraft is expected to enter service by 2030, according to the US Air Force roadmap. The SR-71 is being worked on by Lockheed Martin's secret advanced development division, or Skunk Works.

Has Concorde become outdated? SR-72 supersonic plane is coming to redefine everything with 6.000km/h!
Photo: Disclosure

This unmanned aircraft has the potential to fundamentally change the way aviation is used for military purposes. High speed allows the pilot to reach his destination much faster. This way, it is possible to fly from the USA to Europe in just an hour and a half, for example.

Jet engine technology has improved significantly in the nearly 60 years since the SR-71 was developed. However, a more advanced form of propulsion is needed to reach the required speeds. The SR-72 program is focused on developing a new engine that combines turbojet engines with a hypersonic jet engine (scramjet), which is capable of reaching and maintaining speeds in excess of Mach 5 and even potentially exceeding Mach 10.

Meet the predecessor: SR-71 Blackbird

The SR-71 Blackbird It began to be used by the United States Air Force in December 1964 and was removed from operation in 1990. NASA operated it between 1991 and 1999 for research. After 1999, all remaining SR-71s were taken to museums in the US and UK. 31 of them were produced and none were shot down, but 12 were lost in accidents.

The SR-71 was nicknamed the Blackbird due to its high-emissivity black paint, which helped radiate heat and reduce thermal stress on the fuselage. Due to the very high speed and friction with the air, the average temperature of the external surface reached 330 °C.

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Wilson de Jesus Carvalho
Wilson de Jesus Carvalho
April 4, 2024 16:41 PM

Attention: all weapons-producing industries in the United States ARE PRIVATE because they know that if they want to have state-of-the-art weapons, these industries CANNOT BE SUBJECTED TO BUREAUCRATS, THEY HAVE TO BE PRIVATE SO THERE CAN BE CONTINUOUS RESEARCH AND INNOVATION !!!

Alcione Rodrigues da Rosa
Alcione Rodrigues da Rosa
April 4, 2024 23:58 PM

The SR71, despite being faster, had several very advanced equipment for the time, [High Resolution Cameras, Sensors, A powerful Refrigeration System and A Sophisticated Navigation System through the Constellations of the Sky], where the crew could orient themselves when I was on (Mission). Note: 32 devices were actually built. –

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