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Seagems vessel sails towards the Atlanta field in the Santos Basin

Written by Corporate
Published 20/05/2024 às 15:53
Seagems vessel
Photo: Débora Rolando

The Ônix ship begins Seagems' first EPCI project, marking a new phase for the company

Rio de Janeiro, May 17, 2024 – Seagems completed loading the vessel Ônix after 14 days of work in the Port of Rio de Janeiro and another 12 of anchoring. The ship, which began loading on April 21st, is now heading to the Atlanta field, operated by Enauta in the Santos Basin, to begin the EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) project, carried out in partnership with shareholder Sapura Energy. This is Seagems' first project after the rebranding of the brand, previously known as Sapura.

The contract, signed in 2022, provides for the interconnection of a complete submarine system (flexible pipelines, umbilicals and equipment), lasting three years and completed in 2025. The project, designed from end to end by the Seagems and Sapura Energy partnership, includes from the development of strategic engineering solutions, acquisition of materials, to handling and installation of pipelines with the Brazilian company's ships – this last phase begins now.

16,3 km of flexible lines and 12,1 km of umbilicals were loaded onto the ship, in addition to 170 tons of MPP (Multi Phase Pumps), used to increase the pressure and drain the oil from the well to the platform – an unprecedented installation for to Seagems.

A milestone for Seagems

Fillipe Ferreira, Operations Director at Seagems, expressed his enthusiasm: “For us, this operation is a milestone and a source of pride. For the first time, we are participating in the entire oil exploration operation, from project engineering, purchase of lines and umbilicals, launch, connection to the platform, to securing the first oil for Enauta, scheduled for August this year. I believe this is just a first step for Seagems to take on projects of this robustness alongside other oil companies in Brazil and around the world.”

The project involves the demobilization of the existing EPS (Early Production System) system in the Atlanta field and the redirection of the flexibles and umbilicals to the new FPSO Atlanta, in addition to the connection of three new wells. The FPSO Atlanta alone will have the capacity to produce 50 thousand barrels of oil per day, doubling Enauta's oil production in the Santos field.

Challenges and innovations in the Atlanta field

Seagems, specialized in practical solutions in subsea engineering, operates both on and under the seas, offering solutions to the most diverse offshore demands of the energy industries. Its fleet includes six ships equipped with 12 remotely controlled underwater vehicles. The company is present in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Rio das Ostras, Macaé, Vitória and Vienna. It is 100% Brazilian, the result of a joint venture between two prominent multinationals in their markets: Sapura Energy Behard and Paratus Energy Services Ltd.

Seagems, with its expertise and cutting-edge technology, is prepared to face the challenges of the EPCI project in the Atlanta field. The operation, which includes the installation of flexible lines, umbilicals and MPPs, is crucial to ensuring the efficiency and continuity of oil production in the Santos Basin. Seagems' experience in subsea engineering and its ability to execute in complex environments are key factors for the project's success.

Promising future for Seagems

With the advancement of this project, Seagems positions itself as a leader in the subsea solutions market, ready to take on new challenges and expand its operations. The company is committed to offering innovative and efficient solutions, contributing to the sustainable development of the energy industry in Brazil and around the world.

The EPCI project in the Atlanta field represents not only a milestone in the history of Seagems, but also a significant step in the evolution of offshore oil exploration in Brazil. With completion scheduled for 2025, Seagems continues to demonstrate its ability to execute complex, large-scale projects, solidifying its position as a strategic partner for the world's largest oil companies.

Seagems continues to excel in the energy industry, combining technological innovation and subsea engineering expertise to meet the challenges of offshore oil exploration. With a vision focused on the future, the company is ready to lead new projects and contribute to the sustainable growth of the energy sector.


Deborah Rolando.

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