Home Oil sector in Macaé reheats with decommissioning

Oil sector in Macaé reheats with decommissioning

25 April 2018 08 gies: 26
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Macaé offshore oil platform

Executive in the oil and gas sector with more than 40 years of career says that Macaé will orchestrate the operations in the Campos Basin due to the decommissioning, understand.

With the revitalization of mature fields in the Campos Basin, Macae it has already been confirmed as the focus city to perpetuate logistical and operational operations in the region by large companies. Sebastião Braz, executive for more than 20 years in the oil and gas sector and with more than 40 years of career as an engineer, says that the resumption of this market in the region takes Macae the great highlight, being one of the most sought after by companies that will operate in these assets. Understand in detail all your considerations:

Sebastião Braz, oil and gas executive

One cannot exactly speak of the recovery of the sector, but adaptation to new needs. The assets that are already in a natural phase of decline and the demobilization of some offshore platforms, already lead the market to shape itself for new types of services. Naturally, with the absolute success of the last auctions, the entire sector is optimistic about the return of offshore operations.

It turns out that we have already managed to complete the learning cycle over the last few years and now is the time to resume, without forgetting everything we have achieved during these 40 years in the Campos Basin. The areas that are already established and returning with great force are logistical support, structure for construction and assembly, collection and management of waste.

There are caveats in stating whether service providers and oil companies are prepared for this new phase of the market. As has been pointed out, every operating system is standard practice. It turns out that the market still suffers from the issue of Lava Jato Operations. Many traditional companies in the field of engineering are currently prevented from providing services to Petrobras, which is the current contract applicant. Also, the arrival or increase in the presence of foreigners in Brazil requires adjustments and different demands, we are in a true “walking metamorphosis”.

These new companies that will settle in the region will find an operational layout that is very out of the standards. In fact, there is an estimate that in this first phase, they will have some damage because the Campos Basin has very particular characteristics. Our logistics are different, the sedimentary basins are different…. in other words, they are issues that can override engineering itself. Naturally, these companies, mostly foreign, will have to absorb experienced professionals in these assets, there is no way to avoid this and the know-how is Brazilian.

Is Macaé prepared for the resumption?

Macaé will still remain the operational focus for these companies that will operate in the Campos Basin, but naturally it needs adaptations, mainly in terms of costs. The Port of Açú is also influencing the region a lot due to its multiple uses, even Special Business Zones have been created, despite this, for the time being, there is no other place as well prepared in terms of infrastructure, logistics and technology as the city of Macaé in this sector. Source Petronoticias and readapted by Click Petróleo e Gás

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