Home Yamato – the largest and most FEARED ship of all time that participated in the Second World War with a crew of 2.700 men, 71 thousand tons of displacement and 263 meters in length

Yamato – the largest and most FEARED ship of all time that participated in the Second World War with a crew of 2.700 men, 71 thousand tons of displacement and 263 meters in length

3 April 2024 11 gies: 22
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Yamato - the largest and most FEARED ship of all time that participated in World War II
Photo: Ship Yamato – credits: Contraditorium

Discover the Yamato Ship, a Japanese colossus that fought bravely in World War II and was considered the most feared at the time.

The largest warship used during World War II did not belong to the USA, England or Germany. Contrary to all expectations, the floating colossus known as Yamato was developed by the Japanese Empire and used as its main combat vessel by the Imperial Navy.

Discover the history of the Ship Yamato

The trajectory of this The work of naval engineering was remarkable and played a preponderant role in the Second World War, being one of Japan's most important weapons and, unequivocally, a pillar for the proud Japanese naval fleet.

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The influence of the ship Yamato on the Second World War is so great that, in addition to its own museum, the battleship was also immortalized through a manga and an anime series, Star Patrol. O Yamato was the largest warship ever built in Japan, measuring 263 meters in length and displacing 71 thousand tons. Its crew consisted of 2.700 men. Construction began in the 1930s and it entered service in 1941, during World War II.

She was the first and most famous of the Yamato Class, which also included the Musashi and Shimano, as well as two other ships that were never completed. The Yamato was the flagship of the Japanese fleet and was developed to be the most powerful warship in the world.

The ship had extremely thick armor, up to 65 centimeters thick in some areas, and was armed with nine 46 centimeter guns, which were the largest guns ever installed on a ship. war ship. Other ships of the same category include the Musashi, which was developed in conjunction with the Yamato, and the Bismarck, which was Germany's main warship.

World War II ship Yamato had 150 horsepower

The Yamato participated in several battles during World War II, including the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942 and the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. It was during this last battle that the Yamato suffered its defeat.

Measuring 263 meters long, 38,9 meters wide and with a draft of 11 meters, the warship displaced 71.659 tons, making it the largest battleship in the world at the time. Its armor was thick and resistant, ranging from 200 to 650 millimeters in the most important parts.

The propulsion system consisted of four steam turbines that generated 150 horsepower. His maximum speed was 27 knots (50 km/h). The gigantic battleship stood out through its main guns.

In total there were nine 94 mm Type 460 pieces, the largest naval cannons ever installed on a warship. Each of these cannons weighed about 147 tons and could fire projectiles weighing almost one and a half tons at a distance of 42 km.

What was the end of the ship Yamato?

His last mission took place in April 1945 and he was supposed to leave for Okinawa, where the Americans were carrying out a major invasion, and attack enemy forces until he was sunk. It was a suicide mission, with no chance of return. Yamato departed on April 6 with an escort of nine other ships and just enough fuel for the outward journey.

The following day, the Japanese fleet was detected and attacked by hundreds of American planes coming from the Task Force 58 aircraft carrier.

The ship Yamato bravely resisted the air attack, but was hit by several torpedoes and bombs that caused serious damage and fires. At around 14:20 pm on April 7, the ship listed to the left and exploded in a huge ball of fire, sinking with almost all of its crew.

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