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The new container ship powered by LNG Gas begins its journey on the high seas for testing

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 30/11/2020 às 12:40
Ship - LNG Gas - Containers
LNG-powered ship

A new LNG-based container ship leaves a shipyard in China

The new container ship based on LNG Gas is more than 300 meters long and more than 60 meters long, it is the 8th unit that uses liquefied natural gas, and will be part of the fleet of 26 vessels, which are ecological belonging to the shipping company.

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CMA CGM affirms its commitment to the energy transition of LNG maritime transport

The company CMA CGM highlighted, through one of its digital platforms, that this is “a new proof of our commitment to the energy transition of maritime transport of LNG Gas, a pioneering technology that aims to preserve air quality”.

The Palais Royal is the third container ship, of the nine LNG-based ships in the series, which has a capacity of more than 20 feet, which will gradually be in circulation over the next few years.

About the company responsible for the ship powered by LNG gas

Company that was founded in 1996, derived from the merger of two companies, Charter Shipping Company with Compagnie Générale Maritime. CMA CGM is the third largest shipping company in the world, sailing more than two hundred routes between more than 400 ports in more than 100 countries.

With the opening of the CMA since 1992 in Shanghai, in its first ship call in China, the company consolidates a project that began in 1986, for the expansion of maritime trade in Asia.

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